EXOD Automates your Facebook Ads.

We use AI to automate your targeting creation process, strategy, creative process and optimization.

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campaign creator

Launch your ads in seconds.

In just a few clicks, you can launch entire Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Save time creating campaigns

Automatic audiences and creatives

Recommended objectives

smart audiences

Thousands of A.I. Niches.

Launch campaigns in seconds by selecting one of thousands of pre-determined and custom niches for your business

Industry base audiences

Lookalike Audiences

Machine learning

Automated A.I. Optimizations.

Exod.ai will automatically optimize your campaigns based on your goals.

Budget optimizations

AdSets optimizations

limitless creatives

Choose from thousands of Ad Creatives.

Exod.ai will dynamically test multiple images and videos in your campaign directly from the Shutterstock Database to determine which one gives you the greatest ROI.

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