How AI will Replace Marketers Forever

Artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, has played an integral role in business for many generations. However, as our reliance on computers and shift towards online interactions grow ever stronger, its presence is greater than ever. Given that marketing is a cornerstone of any successful company, it should be no surprise to learn that human experts will someday become redundant altogether.

In truth, that day may come far sooner than you think. After all, Facebook marketing automation, for example, has evolved at a rapid pace. Here’s all you need to know about the hows and whys of the move towards machine-controlled marketing.

The Future Is Now

AI has attempted to do what humans can for many years, but this was often limited to scientific and repetitive tasks. We are now at a watershed moment where computers can outperform marketers in formulating ideas and actively ‘thinking’ like a consumer. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting examples of this is JPMorgan’s five-year deal with AI ad copywriting company Persado. In a trial of the technology, AI-produced ad copy gained double the click rates of the human-written content. From attracting readers to keeping them engaged throughout the content, AI is quickly establishing itself as the new gold standard.

Elsewhere, an automated ‘ad to image generator’ created by Microsoft now uses sophisticated algorithms to select the right visuals, striking the right balance between relevance and engagement. Given that a picture paints a thousand words, the automated AttnGAN is set to change the face of content creation and display ads forever. The landscape will never, ever be the same again.

The Changes To Come

In addition to moving the goalposts concerning content creation, a host of AI tools are now used to perfect marketing strategies through automated budget distributions, A/B testing, and demographic targeting. Still, the advancements in technology continue to grow.

Facebook marketing automation is already somewhat achievable through its targeting features. However, with EXOD.ai Facebook ad campaigns and strategies can be designed, launched, and managed without human interceptions. Crucially, the ultra-advanced tech adapts to any niche and demographic while it also works to deliver optimal efficiency in relation to budgets as well as conversions.

‍Further improvements in AI will extend to upselling and reselling to existing clients. The fact is that computers can now do what humans do by building connections with consumers, which is something most people are increasingly used to thanks to chatbots, but without human error. It stands to reason, then, that marketing strategies will be backed by science to create an emotional charge.

The Final Word

The fact of the matter is that the concept “people buy from people” will always carry some truth. As such, it’s likely that some jobs within the marketing arena will continue to require a human touch.

Nonetheless, AI’s growing ability to emulate humans while simultaneously using data-driven decisions to predict consumer behaviors, it’s clear that the vast majority of assignments can be automated to achieve far better results than manual work could ever hope to. The next generation of marketing is here.