What the latest ios14 update means for Facebook ads

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The latest ios14 update has had an impact on Facebook ads.

Facebook recently voiced their opinion on the iOS14 update, which has featured some questionable updates. Facebook has voiced their opinion. They have said that Apple’s policy is about profit, as opposed to privacy, which they believe will force companies to turn to in-app payments and subscriptions for revenue. This means Apple will profit and a lot of free services will be forced to go down the paid route. 

Facebook has also stated that Apple is hurting publishers and small companies that are already facing difficulties because of the pandemic.

Facebook believes small companies could see a reduction of more than 60% of site sales from Facebook ads. The social media giant has also spoken out about Apple not playing to their own rules, as their own ad platform is not going to be subject to this new policy. 

So, does this mean that there is going to be a fallout between Facebook and Apple? Will Facebook ditch the tech giant? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. They have stated that while they do not agree with the approach that Apple has taken, they have no option but to show their prompt. If they don’t do this, they fear that they will only face retaliation from Apple, which could only cause further damage to the companies Facebook wants to support. It is a risk they are not willing to take, which will have a lot of business breathing a sigh of relief.

Overall, the updates that Apple has put in place is going to lead to a reduction in the tracking of individual mobile devices. It will impact the pixel, as well as targeting, optimization, and conversion tracking. It will have an effect on ads in mobile apps, and this is something that businesses need to be prepared for. The hit will be taken by Audience Network publishers, and the placement may not be as effective. It could either be catastrophic or a tiny blip; the true extent of the changes remains to be seen. We can’t deny that the latest ios14 update has had an impact on Facebook ads.

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