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What the latest ios14 update means for Facebook ads

The latest ios14 update has had an impact on Facebook ads.

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How AI will Replace Marketers Forever

Artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, has played an integral role in business for many generations. However,...

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The Science of EXOD’s A.I. Niches

Discover how EXOD’s niches can help you grow your business. Written by Kevin Moses ‍ When you...

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How to never get your Facebook Ads or Ad Accounts disabled!

If you use Facebook Ads, you know how strict they are, and for a VERY good reason! Since...

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How to Automate your Facebook Ads with EXOD.ai and Shutterstock

At the start of 2019 when we decided to create a platform that could completely disrupt the...

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How your business can dominate Facebook Ads in 2019

Let’s make things clear, Facebook is the most underrated and undervalued platform of all times. And a...

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The rise of E-Sports and how Ninja created the future of...

Alright, by now I am pretty sure you’ve heard of the eccentric video game player Ninja. We...

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